Western Region Class of 2000

"Congratulations to our Class of 2000! And once again, a sincere thank-you to all of the instructors, examiners, patients, station managers, and all the others who helped them along the way. Each year the demands on our patrollers and candidates seem to increase, and in turn, our instructors and trainers face more challenges. They all can be very proud of their accomplishments, and should know that their efforts are appreciated. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the patrol year. It is wonderful to see the culmination of all the training and testing efforts of the candidates." - Mike Peters and Bonnie Schlank

The Class of 2000 is comprised of brand new Basic, Senior and Certified patrollers; patrollers who have completed a portion of the Senior or Certified requirements; or graduates of any other NSP continuing education course or seminar - sometime during June 1999 - May 2000. If your Patrol's graduates are not yet listed, please send the lists, corrections, additions to Roger Petry. Our Region's new patrollers and those who have continued their education deserve to be recognized.

Afton Alps
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Jenny Caskey
  • Stephen Fischbach
  • Doug Holtz
  • Cathy Kuklinski
  • Dave Korus
  • Randy Lundberg
  • Jim McGrory
  • Liz Parr
  • Jenna Penfield
  • Michael Reed
  • Leah Rose
  • Dave Sebesta
  • Mary Smigleski
<----------Andes Tower Hills-------->
    New Auxiliary Patrollers:
  • Pat Benson
  • Ali Aminpour
  • Jeff Kerian
  • Lawrence Kerian
  • Patricia Kerian-Murray
  • Hollen Lommen
  • Dennis Tolifson
  • Mark Woodbury
  • Ron Zibell
    Alpine Senior Ski & Toboggan Evaluation:
  • Mike Porwol
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Tam Bukowski
  • Jana Clark
  • Bjorn Hurlen
  • Joseph Luke
  • David Navratil
  • Keith Nelson
  • Dale Plasek
  • Tammy Porwol
    New OEC instructors:
  • Joe Barnes
  • Ronald Carlson
  • Dottie Erickson
  • Mitch Klemetson
  • Mark Maloney
  • Verona Wagner
Buck Hill
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Tim Elness
  • Marvin Metzger
  • Jacob Meyer
  • Angela Ryden
  • Jon Ryden
  • Scott Sandbo
  • Todd Sandbo
  • Erik Saulitis
  • Elliott Weinstein
  • Sandee Wright
  • Michael Wright Sr.
    OEC Senior Evaluation:
  • Aaron Fisher
Buena Vista
    New Basic Patroller:
  • Chris Anderson
    Alpine Senior Ski & Toboggan Evaluation:
  • Dave Gustafson
Christie Mountain
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Kris Ewald
  • Edgar Poulda
  • Matt Vous
    New Auxiliary Patroller:
  • Pat Osvold
Coffee Mill
    OEC Senior Evaluation:
  • Colin Sullivan
Detroit Mountain
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Leif Erickson
  • Renae Gulbrecht
  • Scott Lauden
  • Paul Nordlund
  • Peter Rugroden
  • Brian Saunders
Hiawatha Nordic
    Nordic Trail Senior Evaluation:
  • Bob Hart
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Mark Anderson
  • Paul Anderson
  • Kevin Counihan
  • Bert Finsand
  • Paul Knauf
  • Glen Palocangus
  • Ken Steeno
  • Ed Trust
  • Jenny Walder
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Patrick Cross
  • Jim Matson
  • Kyle Walner
Mt. Frontenac

Due to warm weather and an unexpected early end of the skiing season, the candidates of Mt. Frontenac were not able to have their skiing and toboggan-handling evaluation. Rest assured that they are ready to return next season, and are eager to complete the hill test.

Mount Hardscrabble
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Kevin Becker
  • Dean Hanson - (snowboard)
  • Jay Mitchell
  • Dave Moin
  • Peter Neal (telemark)
  • Steve Poethke
  • Jeff Thomas - (snowboard)
<-------------Powder Ridge------------->
    New Auxiliary Patroller:
  • Sean Graham
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Jeff Asmussen
  • Brandon Berczyk
  • Becky Betker
  • Chris Blade
  • Greg Gilbert
  • Adam Kritzeck
  • Andrew Kritzeck
  • Nick Pazandak
  • Dave Schleichert
  • Brenda Stang
  • Rachel Stein
  • Andrew Thomas
  • Leah Weber
    OEC Senior Evaluation:
  • Mary Sebas
  • Michael Weber
Ski Gull
    New Auxiliary Patroller:
  • Nancy Cross
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Loren Beilke
  • John Forest
  • Doug Hennum
    New Alpine Senior:
  • Jim Dehen
Spirit Mountain
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Scott Freundschuh
  • Diane Pearson
    Ski-only Candidates:*
  • Brent Paulson
  • Aaron Slotness
    New Nordic Patroller:
  • Roger Petry
    New Alpine Senior:
  • Roger Petry
<-----------------------Steeple Chase----------------------->
    New Auxiliary Patrollers:
  • Joe Druga Sr.
  • Mary Druga
  • Mike Landry
  • Rich Mehrhins
  • Brian Slowinski
  • Stephanie Stumpf
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Charise Barden - (snowboard)
  • Kelly Chamberlain
  • Joe Druga Jr.
  • Randy Heineke
  • Patti Lancaster
  • Sue Landry - (snowboard)
  • Monte Lundeen
  • Kevin Mandler
  • Stacy Rain - (snowboard)
  • Linda Romocki
  • Mary Sapp
  • Paul Schauer
  • Mary Stenson
  • Jeff Whitcomb
    Ski-only Candidates:*
  • Dennis Huffman
  • Tiffany Poncelet
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Mark Anderson
  • Paul Anderson
  • Kevin Counihan
  • Bert Finsand
  • Paul Knauf
  • Glen Palocangus
  • Ken Steeno
  • Ed Trust
  • Jenny Walder
Welch Village
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Tom Gehring
  • Jack McNally
  • Todd Remington
  • Sue Schroeder
    OEC Senior Evaluation:
  • Mary Bernards
  • Joseph Hale
<-------------Wild Mountain------------->
    New Basic Patrollers:
  • Dale Eickelberg
  • Bruce Eshelman
  • Jerry Holm
  • Bob Mortenson
  • Linda Oberg
  • Jenny Peterson
  • Brian Podany
  • Tim Ruda
  • Greg Shields
  • Rob Theriot
    OEC Senior Evaluation:
  • Phil Montville
    New Certified:
  • Jane Mausser
Level I Avalanche class
    January 23rd:
  • Jim Dehen
  • Jim Hutchinson
  • Scott Mitchell
  • Todd Remington
  • Jill Waller
  • Mark Wright

* Ski-only candidates have completed just the Basic on-the-hill toboggan training, and are scheduled to enroll in their Patrol's upcoming Basic OEC course.

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