Opportunities in Nordic Skiing

Nordic skiing can be a serious aerobic workout or a nice relaxing way to get out on secluded trails and enjoy nature. Whatever the reason, we have plenty of opportunities to brush up on your Nordic skills or learn a new sport. We can always use more patrollers at the big cross country ski races, and Alpine patrollers are more than welcome to participate in providing medical coverage for these races.

Nordic Instruction

We will be holding a Western Region Nordic Workshop at Elm Creek Park Preserve (Maple Grove, MN) on December 12th, 2015. This excellent workshop provides instruction for both classic and skate techniques at no cost to patrollers, and best of all, is taught by PSIA-Certified Nordic Ski Instructors - Bob Iverson (Viking Nordic), Wrick Dunning (Viking Nordic), and Peter Wollan (Hiawatha Nordic.)
Contact: Tom McConville, Western Region Nordic Advisor

Nordic Group Photo
NSES at Elm Creek, 12/13/2014

There is a Central Division Nordic workshop on January 9, 2016, at the Minocqua Winter Park, located just outside of Minocqua, Wisconsin. This is a 3 day event, with a combined SES and senior testing on Saturday, a Sunday Nordic work shop giving by Nordic Skiing guru, Dan Clausen, and a Telemark SES on Monday, also conducted by Dan.
Contact: Peter Wollan, Central Division Nordic Supervisor -

There is free Nordic Instruction at Elm Creek Park, Maple Grove on Monday nights in January. Bob Iverson offers training in classic and skating technique.
Contact: Bob Iverson, Assistant Western Region Nordic Advisor

Look for an announcement of another Nordic SES later in the season at Giants ridge or Detroit Mountain.

Check the Region Events Calendar for Nordic Events this season

Nordic Patrolling

Viking Nordic Ski Patrol provides medical coverage for Nordic races almost every weekend between January and March. All NSP patrollers are welcome to help. It is a good opportunity to watch some great skiing technique and improve your own.
Contact: Tom McConville, Western Region Nordic Advisor

Become part of the famous Birkie Patrol

The Berkie patrol is an Event Patrol that provides medical coverage for the American Berkebeiner in Hayward WI, on February 20, 2016. You can have non-skiing positions or you can ski half of the race course. It is a great weekend of patrolling, and we always welcome Alpine patrollers.
Contact: Mark Loesch

Minocqua 2016

From Peter Wollan's Division report

This year the Division Nordic Workshop will be January 9 and 10 at Minocqua, Wisconsin, and January 11 at Bessemer, Michigan. The Saturday clinic includes testing, for both Basic Nordic Patroller and the skiing portion of Senior Nordic Patroller, as well as a skate and classic technique workshop run by PSIA-certifed patrollers. We'll also devote some time to building and using emergency toboggans. Sunday is a group lesson by Dan Clausen, again covering both skate and classic technique. The workshop continues Monday, moving up to Indianhead in Michigan, for telemark technique, again taught by Dan. Dan is an exceptional instructor, and it's hard to find a better way to improve your technique. The rest of us try to do a good job too, but he's definitely the main attraction. The Minocqua area has lots of good restaurants, which adds to the fun. There are reasonably-priced motels, but we also rent a cabin for the weekend; it has beds for 9, and floor space for more if needed. Let me know if you'd like to stay at the cabin, so that we don't promise more beds than we have. It's a good weekend -- you'll have a good time, in a beautiful area, and you'll learn to ski better. Come join us! Peter Wollan

For more information on the Nordic Program

Please contact:
Tom McConville, Western Region Nordic Advisor
Bob Iverson, Assistant Western Region Nordic Advisor