Outdoor Emergency Transportation

How to Become a Toboggan Instructor

If you have you ever wanted to become a toboggan instructor, but never really knew what is needed, then this section is for you.
We want to make it as easy as possible for you, and NO reading the following bullet points does not make you an instructor, but it is a good start!

All documents can be found either in the Documents and Forms Libraries or on the NSP website HERE

But don't think your done yet! Be sure to continue teaching and document all your teaching efforts throughout the years. To keep current you will need to recertify your toboggan instructor status ever 3 years. Watch the WR Events Calendar for recertification events scheduled thoughout the ski season.

Wishing to take another step and become a Toboggan IT?

Send an email to Jake Meyer, our Region OET Advisor, at this address NSPWROET@gmail.com for more information. He will contact you and get you setup!

A Note from our OET Advisor, Jake Meyer. Posted 12.8.16

If you ever need help opening, closing or canceling a NSP course here are some how to videos that I found online.
They were created by a Chris Pringle from the Far West Division of the NSP so all credit needs to go to him.

TUTORIAL VIDEOS - I found that they work with a IE, but not my Chrome web browser.

   NSP Course Creation tutorial 6:44 https://vimeo.com/168678256
   NSP Cancel a Course tutorial 1:07 https://vimeo.com/174389582
   NSP Close a Course tutorial 3:10 https://vimeo.com/174389351
   --I am not 100%, but this steps could possible remove the paper copy that is to be turned into NSP.
   However please keep the paper copy and send it to me (scan or picture) to record and store in case there is ever a dispute.

Note, for your Toboggan clinics you should choose one of these three options.

   Toboggan Enhancement Seminar
   Toboggan Refresher
   Toboggan Trainers Workshop

***Please also note that once you register a course you will need to contact Mark Rafn (Mark Rafn ) to have it added
to the nspwr.org calendar.  Mark will need the following information before he can post the course for you.

   Course name:
   NSP course Number:
   Start Time:
   Cost: $0.00
   List of all instructors.


   Toboggan recerts:
   This TTW (Toboggan Transportation Workshop) is being held to re-cert any Toboggan Instructors that are expiring during the 2016/2017 session.
   We will start at 7PM.  Please be sure to bring your instructor logs with you.
   NSP Course number: XXXXX
   Where: Buck Hill - Burnsville, MN
   When: Dec 8th, 2016
   Start Time: 7:00PM
   Cost: $0.00

Hope this is helpful and please share if there is a need or reach out if you have any questions.