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2021 Western Region Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet

Giants Ridge Golf & Ski Resort


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Event Items
Item Description Cost Comments Action
Event Registration$0Default event registration itemIn Cart
Banquet Dinner$20Buffet Awards Dinner
YAP Summit$0Patrollers from age 15-18 rescue techniques and OEC skills
Lift Evacuation$0latest tips and techniques from the NSAA/NSP new Aerial Evacuation Resource Guide
Instructor Development Course$0in-person portion of the NSP ID course. The online portion must be completed ahead of time.
Recruitment Round Table$0Round table discussion to share recruitment ideas and brainstorm
Mesabi Trail Bike Ride$0Scenic paved trail ride on the Mesabi Trail.
Bike Patrol Summit$0a session on current practices and equipment
NSP Q&A Session$0Region, Division, and National leadership team members will provide updates and take questions from patrollers
How to Write Successful NSP Awards$0best practices of NSP award writing.
I am Ragion Staff$-20Select this option if you are Region staff to negate the dinner charge if you are attending the banquet.


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