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Permanent Plaques Presented to Last Year's Outstanding Award Winners:
Division Award Outstanding Student Patroller 1998-1999, Sarah Weber, Powder Ridge
Outstanding Alpine Patroller 1998-1999, David Chlebeck, Buck Hill
Outstanding Nordic Patroller 1998-1999, Renee Johnson, Viking Nordic
Division Award Outstanding Professional Patroller 1998-1999, John Curtin, Hyland
Division Award Outstanding Administrative Patroller 1998-1999, Randy Millard, Hyland
Outstanding Patrol Representative (Director) 1998-1999, John Thomas, Mt. Frontenac
Outstanding Instructor 1998-1999, Mary Pritchett, Hyland
Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol 1998-1999, Giants Ridge
Division Award Outstanding Nordic Patrol 1998-1999, Viking Nordic

This Year's Outstanding Award Winners:
Division Award National Award (NSP Gold Star of Merit) Outstanding Student Patroller 1999-2000, Briana Hoffman, Powder Ridge
Outstanding Alpine Patroller 1999-2000, Jeff Gullickson, Buck Hill
Division Award Outstanding Nordic Patroller 1999-2000, Robert Iverson, Viking Nordic
Division Award National Award (NSP Gold Star of Merit) Outstanding Professional Patroller 1999-2000, Shirley Schoenbaur, Buck Hill
Division Award Outstanding Administrative Patroller 1999-2000, Michael Peters, Hyland
Outstanding Patrol Representative (Director) 1999-2000, Jeannine Mogan, Hyland
Outstanding Instructor 1999-2000, Susan Penque, Buck Hill
Outstanding Small Alpine Patrol 1999-2000, Ski Gull
Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol 1999-2000, Powder Ridge

Certificate of Appreciation Plaques
Robert Sill, Coffee Mill
Ski Gull Ski Patrol

10th Mountain Division Award
Donald Olson, Wild Mountain

Western Region Outstanding Service Awards for 1999-2000
Robert Byerly, Afton Alps
Drew Flaada, Hiawatha Nordic
Lois Griesen, Detroit Mountain
Cleo Haggerty, Powder Ridge
Jerome Hill, Mount Frontenac
Nancy Hyvare, Wild Mountain
JoAnn Kuntemeier, Wild Mountain
Bill Lappen, Viking Nordic
Sean McLay, Afton Alps
Jim Olsen, Lutsen
Kristi Organ, Hyland
Theresa Peters, Mount Frontenac
John Post, Buck Hill
John Rask, Buck Hill
Gary Storm, Wild Mountain
Jodi Whitcomb, Steeplechase
Steve Willwerschied, Afton Alps

Patroller's Cross
Jodi Whitcomb, Steeplechase

Yellow Star of Merit Awards
Yellow Merit Star Jim Clough, Ski Gull
Drew Flaada, Hiawatha Nordic
Carol Nelson, Ski Gull
Melissa Schaitberger, Ski Gull

Blue Star of Merit Awards
Blue Merit Star Dianna Bowden, Mt. Frontenac
Tom Bowden, Mt. Frontenac
Kandra Thomforde, Buck Hill

Purple Star of Merit Awards
Purple Merit Star Mark Bruemmer, Powder Ridge
Gary Nichols, Buck Hill
Thomas Long, Afton Alps
Robert Meese, Afton Alps
Gene Scharenbroich, Afton Alps

NSP Meritorious Service Award
Ronald Schlank, Buck Hill

Region Director's Excellence Award
Roger Petry, Spirit Mountain

National Appointments
Jack Ferguson, # 9298, Afton Alps
Chase Allen, # 9300, Buck Hill
Thomas Poch, # 9302, Hyland
Jane Mausser, # 9304, Wild Mountain
David Tetley, # 9306, Hyland
W. Jerry Ward, # 9308, Afton Alps