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Permanent Plaques Presented to Last Year's Outstanding Award Winners:
Division AwardNational Award (NSP Gold Star of Merit) Outstanding Student Patroller 1999-2000, Brianna Hoffman, Powder Ridge
Outstanding Alpine Patroller 1999-2000, Jeff Gullickson, Buck Hill
Division Award Outstanding Nordic Patroller 1999-2000, Robert Iverson, Viking Nordic
Division AwardNational Award (NSP Gold Star of Merit) Outstanding Professional Patroller 1999-2000, Shirle Schoenbauer, Buck Hill
Division Award Outstanding Administrative Patroller 1999-2000, Michael Peters, Hyland
Outstanding Patrol Representative (Director) 1999-2000, Jeannine Mogan, Hyland
Outstanding Instructor 1999-2000, Susan Penque, Buck Hill
Outstanding Small Alpine Patrol 1999-2000, Ski Gull
Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol 1999-2000, Powder Ridge

This Year's Outstanding Award Winners:
Division AwardSilver Merit Star Outstanding Student Patroller 2000-2001, Elizabeth "Libby" Sefcovic, Giants Ridge
Outstanding Alpine Patroller 2000-2001, Dan Bodimer, Buck Hill
Outstanding Nordic Patroller 2000-2001, Randy Shackleton, Giants Ridge
Division Award Outstanding Professional Patroller 2000-2001, Travis Fedje, Buck Hill
Outstanding Administrative Patroller 2000-2001, Kent Magnuson, Lutsen
Outstanding Patrol Representative (Director) 2000-2001, Jodi Whitcomb, Steeplechase
Outstanding Instructor 2000-2001, Kathy Glynn , Hyland
Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol 2000-2001, Afton Alps

Certificates of Appreciation - Central Division
Bob Hart, Afton Alps
Roger Petry, Spirit Mtn.

Certificate of Appreciation Plaque
Buck Hill Ski Patrol

10th Mountain Division Award
John Pitman, Viking Nordic

Western Region Outstanding Service Awards for 2000-2001
Edward Bauman, Mt. Frontenac
Charles Bischoff, Trollhaugen
John Bukowski, Buck Hill
Danny Kenning, Powder Ridge
Dick Krisner, Afton Alps
Paul Kritzeck, Powder Ridge
Roger Marturano, Hyland
Mary Sapp, Steeplechase
Bruce Sheimo, Buck Hill
Arthur VanDeWater, Mt. Frontenac
James Vlazny, Mt. Frontenac
Stephen Welsh, Lutsen

Patroller's Cross
Kevin Mandler, Steeplechase
Jodi Whitcomb, Steeplechase

Yellow Star of Merit Awards
Yellow Merit Star Vicki Callahan, Hyland
Martin Fahje, Mt. Frontenac
Leroy Yoki, Lutsen

Purple Star of Merit Awards
Purple Merit Star Jill Combs, Buck Hill
Lawrence Schmidt, Afton Alps
Steve Zimmer, Giants Ridge

Blue Star of Merit Awards
Blue Merit Star Michael Beck, Buck Hill
Jim Dwyer, Buck Hill
John Ernst, Buck Hill
Bill Lappen, Buck Hill
Randy Wetherlilie, Afton Alps

Distinguished Service Awards
Dwight Charles, Mt. Frontenac
Peter Gentling, Mt. Frontenac
Michael Looby, Powder Ridge
Don McClure, Buck Hill
Gary Nichols, Buck Hill

Region Director's Excellence Award
John Thomas, Mt. Frontenac

National Appointments
Kirstin Hammarberg, # 9514, Buck Hill
Elmer Carlson, # 9516, Buck Hill