Mountain Travel and Rescue Program

Mountain Travel and Rescue is an educational program within the National Ski Patrol focused on winter backcountry travel skills as well as search and rescue. MTR is an good option for a senior elective, a requirement for Nordic patrollers in the region, and a great class for anyone interested in a variety of outdoor activities. The course is open to NSP patrollers and candidates as well as any other interested people.

There are several versions of the course:

  • MTR Fundamentals and MTR 1
    These are essentially the same first level course (MTR 1 includes an overnight camp out and more emphasis on winter camping)
  • MTR 2 is the upper level course and includes multiple night camping.

Some of the topics covered could include:

  • Equipment to travel and stay comfortable in the Winter outdoor settings
  • Backcountry skis and related gear
  • Clothing choices
  • Backcountry navigation, maps, and compasses
  • Winter camping
  • Search and rescue
  • Low-angle rescue
  • Emergency shelters

Questions? Contact our Region MTR Advisor Wrick Dunning.