Outdoor Risk Management (ORM)

A new NSP program called Outdoor Risk Management (ORM) is currently being developed.

  • Program Goal: to create a program that introduces patrollers to risk management concepts that pertain to ski and bike areas.
  • Platform: online
  • Modules:
    • General Concepts
    • Ethic, Legal, Regulatory
    • NSAA/NSP Joint Statement of Understanding
    • Standards and Regulations
    • US Forest Service
    • Generally Accepted Industry Practices and Principles
    • Internal Operating Plans
    • Compliance and Consistency
    • Personal Risk Management
    • Safety Education Programs
    • Critical Incident Stress Management
    • Snowmobile / Other Vehicle Operations
    • Other Departments
    • Incident Investigation
    • Signage and Fencing
  • Each Module Includes:
    • Introduction
    • Key Terms
    • Objectives
    • Content
    • Quiz
    • Scenario / Real World Applications
  • Committee: About 15 Representatives from across the country who are well versed in risk management are working on the project.

  • Western Region Patroller Input:
    If you have content, pictures, video, or diagrams that you would like to share with the committee, contact: