Senior Program


The Senior Program is designed for NSP members who seek to improve their skiing and/or snowboarding and outdoor emergency care proficiency. It provides an opportunity where patrollers can enhance personal skiing/snowboarding and toboggan handling proficiency, improve their ability to manage OEC scenarios, and expand their patrolling knowledge and skills. It helps to strengthen leadership skills within NSP.

The Senior Program consists of core and elective requirements. It is designed for alpine and Nordic patrollers with variations for each discipline. The following video contains information on both the Senior and Certified programs: VIDEO LINK The slides themselves, without audio, can be viewed in our Documents library under our Region Program Documents - Senior folder HERE

Training is an essential part of the program. This will include time reviewing senior criteria and using the required knowledge and skills to practice scenarios on challenging, senior level terrain under the various conditions in the patrolling environment. Senior candidates can also take advantage of clinics in which they receive constructive and corrective feedback on their performance. Feedback at these clinics helps provide suggestions for improvement, an understanding of the required level of performance, and increased awareness of advanced patroller skills.

Senior Program Manual:

Follow this link from Central Division for more information for the Senior Program HERE

Senior Skiing and Toboggan Video Resources

  • Follow this link for YouTube videos of Alpine Skiing tasks HERE
  • Follow this link for YouTube videos of Toboggan tasks HERE
  • Follow this link for YouTube videos from Central Division of Alpine Skiing & Toboggan tasks HERE

More videos to be added for snowboard and toboggan later
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Core and Elective Requirements

Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding or Nordic Skiing

Toboggan Handling

OEC Module of the Senior Program

Aid Room Management for those not wanting to do the Skiing and Toboggan Handling portions. A 4th elective is required for this.

Three electives from Senior Elective List. These can be completed prior to enrolling in the Senior Program or can be done during the Senior journey. For a list of these see: HERE


1 year NSP membership status - patroller (alpine or Nordic)

Senior Candidate On-line Application HERE due by November 1st.

Time Commitment:

Each core component includes local and regional training clinics

Evaluation clinics for Alpine, Toboggan, and OEC modules


Cost of Materials

Upon Completion of Senior Program requirements

Fill out NSP Education Program Activity Record Senior Core and Elective Components. Get a copy Senior Core and Electives Activity Report HERE Submit to your Patrol rep for signature, who will then submit to the NSP office in Colorado. The national office will then change your records to Senior status.

Senior Alpine

Alpine & Toboggan Candidates Skill Sign-off Sheet:


Alpine, Toboggan, and Nordic Scorecards