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Welcome to our website! We are the Western Region within Central Division of the National Ski Patrol. The Western Region is comprised of 22 ski areas within the Midwest. Take a look around and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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  • Our Hills Need Your Help!

    Patrols in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are looking for help this season! We’ve heard from several remote ski areas that they are actively seeking help from those of us willing to travel and patrol for them. In particular, Whitecap Mountain and Big Powderhorn have reached out to the Central Division for support. If your area is in need and willing to take guest patrollers, please contact the Central Division Webmaster Daren Lukes to add your area to the list that will be posted on the Central Division website.

    If you are interested in traveling , check the Central Division website periodically for a list of patrols. If more requests come in, they will be listed on this site. You can reach out to and make a plan to patrol with them.

    Please contact their Patrol Directors and make a plan to work with them! This is a great opportunity to support our destination hills, help the NSP remain in good standing with our area Managers, patrol a new area, ski some new terrain and meet new people.

  • Western Region Interview with Giant's Ridge Patrollers

    Watch the interview taken with former YAP patrollers, now Adult Patrollers, Molly and Jenny Young at the Western Region Awards Meeting this last July. Click HERE to watch the interview.

  • Western Region YAP Slideshow at Giant's Ridge

    Watch the slideshow taken with former YAP patrollers at the Western Region Awards Meeting this last July. Click HERE to watch the presentation.

  • https://photos.app.goo.gl/T5phw7AFvjFMMSkA9
  • Western Region Awards Banquet

    Photos from Giant's Ridge during the day and Annual Awards Banquet. Click HERE to view photos.

  • Western Region COVID Survey Results

    Please read this message from our Region Medical Advisor regarding the COVID Survey results HERE .

  • YAP Article in local newspaper

    Wild Mountain and the YAP program appearing in a regional newspaper. Read the arcticle HERE .

  • *** COVID19 - How You Can Help ***
    Click Here to learn more on how you, as a patroller, can help.
  • Western Region Update You can read the latest Western update from our Region Director HERE The article will appear again in the next Rusty Parka News from Central Division.
  • SENIOR CANDIDATES See the Latest Updates section on our Senior Programs web page HERE for information on this year's Remote Training opportunities.
  • Patrol Recruitment Posters

    Ken Rose, a 50+ year NSP veteran from NSP Central-Ohio and a current Alumni, has created a series of 21 posters for NSP recruitment. Ken is allowing our Western Region patrols to use his posters as templates for creating your own patrol recruitment posters. The art is in an editable Powerpoint document that you can modify to suit your patrol. To get the Powerpoint file, please contact Jeff Olsen, Western Region Director at this Email

  • Always read more news on our blog HERE!
  • Check our Events Calendar regularly for added events.

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Mont Du Lac -- We are looking to grow our volunteer patrol with people who enjoy helping others and are at least intermediate level skiers/boarders. If you have any interest, inquire today by emailing skipatrol@mdlresort.com

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