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2012 Western Region Awards
Permanent Plaques Presented to 2010-2011 Outstanding Award Winners:
Outstanding Auxiliary Patroller:  Renee Johnson, Three Rivers, Viking Nordic
Outstanding Alpine Patroller: Scott Young, Three Rivers (Hyland)
Outstanding Administrative Patroller: Robert Iverson, Viking Nordic, Three Rivers
Outstanding OEC Instructor:   Deb Endly , Three Rivers (Hyland)
Outstanding Pro Patroller:  David Chlebeck, Buck Hill
 Outstanding Patrol Representative: Phil Dorholt, Trollhaugen
Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol: Three Rivers  (Hyland/Elm Creek)


Central Division Critical Care Award

Daniel Richardson   Afton Alps
Sheila Smith   Afton Alps
Katy Anthony   Coffee Mill
Bryan Carlin
  Coffee Mill
Brian Fries   Coffee Mill
Gary Lovelace *   Coffee Mill
Eric Pater   Coffee Mill
Andie Sanders   Coffee Mill
Chad Schiefert   Coffee Mill
Bridget Skelton *   Coffee Mill
Rhonda Karl   Great Bear
Andrew Peschong   Great Bear
Nic Rae   Great Bear
Marcia Belau   Welch Village
Aaron Hislop   Welch Village
Steve Mundy   Welch Village
Matt Stordahl   Welch Village
* Gary Lovelace and Bridget Skelton each received two CCAs for critical care provided in two separate incidents.

for support provided in conjunction with the above Critical Care Awards

Eric Alter   Coffee Mill
Rich Anthony
  Coffee Mill
Dustin Marx   Coffee Mill
Eric Pater   Coffee Mill
Curt Sanders   Coffee Mill
Burt Smith   Coffee Mill
Christina Van Nurden   Coffee Mill
Dave Allen   Welch Village
Alec Belau   Welch Village
Katherine Hines   Welch Village
Glen Owens   Welch Village

Central Division Program Director's Award

Martin Fahje (recognized by Gregg Reese, Central Division Awards Supervisor)
Roger Petry (recognized by Peter Wollan, Central Division Nordic Supervisor)


for hosting the 2011-2012 Region Meeting

Mt Kato Ski Patrol

for hosting the 2011-2012 Region Meeting
Rich Krause, PR, Mt. Kato
Sue Liebl
Wayne Balbach Kim Maiers
Bill Cahalan Dennis McCoy
Trevor Carstens Kelly Peterson
Terry Karschnik Ben Scheidel


Dave Bramel (recognized by Alane Lucht, Western Region Newsletter Advisor)
Bob Iverson (recognized by Roger Petry, Western Region Nordic Advisor)
Theresa Peters (recognized by Martin Fahje, Western Region Awards Advisor)
Ron Schlank (recognized by Dave Bramel, Western Region Transportation (Toboggan) Advisor)
Brian Ulrich (recognized by Sue Hayes, Western Region OEC Administrator)

Tim Thayer   Afton Alps
Joseph Anderson   Buck Hill
Eric Brown   Powder Ridge
Cleo Hagerty
  Powder Ridge
Jim Hagerty   Powder Ridge
Becky Kenning   Powder Ridge
Warren "Slug" Wagness   Spirit Mountain
Kristi Wilke
  Spirit Mountain
Paul Larson   Three Rivers
Matt Haberman   Wild Mountain
Judy Hill   Wild Mountain
Steve Hill   Wild Mountain
Lonnie Strand
  Wild Mountain

Western Region 2011-2012 Outstanding Award Winners:

Division AwardGold Merit Star Outstanding Alpine Patroller:  Mary Zelko, Powder Ridge
Outstanding OEC Instructor:   Ken Liddell , Afton Alps
Outstanding Instructor:  (other than OEC) Jim Dwyer, Buck Hill
Division AwardSilver Merit Star Outstanding Patrol Representative: Peter Wollan, Hiawatha Nordic Click to display a photo.
Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol: Buck Hill

Angel Pin

Rachel Brandt
Ryan Brandt

Patroller's Cross

Bob McCarthy, Afton Alps
Terry Burns, Buck Hill
Mark Johnson, Buck Hill
Rick Flynn, Lutsen
Eric Reiner, Lutsen

Blue Star of Merit Award

Blue Merit Star Robert Iverson,Three Rivers Park - Elm Creek
Tom McConville,Three Rivers Park - Elm Creek
Mark Monroe, Three Rivers Park - Elm Creek

10th Mountain Division Award
Scott Young, Three Rivers Park - Hyland

Region Director's Excellence Award

Sue Hayes, Welch Village

Meritorious Service Award

Gregory A. Bromen, Spirit Mtn
(Region Treasurer 2008-2012)

Distinguished Service Award

Don Gilson, ?

Leadership Commendation Appointment

Bill Lappen, #8457, Viking Nordic

National Number Appointments

Sue Hayes, #11322 - Welch Village
Scott Stanley, #11324 - Three Rivers Park - Hyland